As a global manufacturer of German quality cutting and slaughtering hand tools, Freund set itself a goal of supporting meat extraction processes in a way that is conducive to the wellbeing of animals, meets socially responsible aims and is beneficial to customers.

Ethical and animal welfare requirements; cost-effective procedures and optimum meat quality are the cornerstones of today’s meat processing industries. Freund develops and produces effective stable machines for the entire process chain. From stunning and slaughtering to cutting and refining, its equipment ensures efficient and sustainable meat processing.

“The development and improvement of services incorporates regular dialogue with customers and partners in more than 100 countries and centuries old experience as a family run and owned company,” enthuses Megan Briers-Danks of DFS Process Solutions, the Southern African agent for Freund tools, spares and service.

Freund develops and manufactures ripsaws for slaughtering pigs and cattle in high throughput and medium plants.
Machines are characterized by a robust design, coupled with important features for optimum, user friendly operation in day-to-day slaughtering activities. All saws are freely configurable and can be adapted according to the needs of the user. Of interest to South African processors is the SK28-03L circular splitting saw. Its unique features are:
– Mechanical motor brake
– Circular sawblade, coarse tooth, rust free KGZ
– Spiral Cable
– Upright handle and gear neck
– Water connection with spiral hose for cooling and rinsing cutting surfaces.

The successful II Series trimmers offer reasonable and affordable spare part costs. All application ring blades can clean-cut spinal cords, control fat trimming, allow meat recovery from bones, facilitate chicken thigh deboning and control smoked salmon slicing. Freund’s Trimmer Programme has ring blades with 20 different styles and blade sizes from 16 to 22mm in diameter.
Trimmer hand pieces offer new blade toothing and high quality surfaces to perform optimal cuts with a guaranteed, extended blade life. Trimmer hand pieces with a quick blade change system don’t require any additional tools for replacement. A new start/stop system of electric flex shaft driven trimmers offers operators optimal safety by starting and stopping the blade on the hand piece.

All the motors you need
Besides the standard electric motor, which runs at 4 500 rpm for industrial use, Freund’s mini-cut motor 3 000 rpm is a lower cost option. The P2 pneumatic motor is the strongest available in the market for heavy duty jobs. All trimming heads or hand pieces are interchangeable with an electric or pneumatic motor. These do not require any modifications.
The new Adaptive hand piece system suits any trimmer motor. It offers excellent trimming quality and low wear. Freund trimmers are ideal for small budgets as no new motor is needed. Adaptive hand pieces are available in all blade sizes.
Minicut is a reasonably priced solution for smaller businesses. It is perfect for cutting smoked salmon, kebab or gyro slices. There is precise depth adjustment to consistently cut the same depth. Minicut hand pieces are available with an on/off system.

“We are proud to supply Freund’s range of technological, top quality options in South Africa. These products are competitively priced and offer excellent value for money. All information about repair procedures is integrated into one set of documentation – used to implement continuous improvement processes. You can use the documentation to track the history of the machine and to obtain detailed information,” concludes Briers-Danks.

July 2018, SA Food Review, Meat Review Issue

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