Fish Meal Processing Equipment

Haarslev fish meal equipment meet the requirements of leading companies in the fish industry.

Fish oil and fish meal

Although fish meal processing generally follows the same principle, the process requirements vary from one area to another and from one plant to another. Freshness of the catch, type of fish, requirements for meal and oil quality and environmental issues dictate the need for individual plant solutions. Haarslev offer a full delivery program to meet such challenges. Fish meal plants from Haarslev operate all over the world. The delivery program ranges from small land-based or ship-based units up to the largest fish meal plants in the world.

Haarslev plants are known for maximum energy efficiency, reliability, safety and compliance with local environmental standards. High-grade fish meal sells at high market prices because this type of meal has shown significant advantages in aquaculture and animal breeding. This is difficult to replace with proteins of other origin. Haarslev develops special cooking and drying equipment, which limits the exposure of the fish to high temperatures. The result is a better preservation of essential amino acids and that digestibility remains as high as possible. Haarslev plant design focuses on optimum utilization of both raw materials and energy.

Fish Processing

Whether a plant is processing whole fish or fish by-products, the first step is the cooking process. Haarslev cookers are indirectly steam heated. After cooking, the fish passes through a strainer, and a large amount of liquid is drained off before the solid material proceeds to mechanical dewatering in the twin screw press.

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