Adjustable bleeding and scalding lengths

BAADER LINCO is finalising the first batch of Compact Plants 396 for customers in Indonesia, Cambodia, Oman and Europe. Not only will these customers be able to run an efficient in-line production, they will also obtain flexibility to process at varying speeds with different processing parameters.

The Compact Plant 396 offers conveyorised and automatic stunning (optional), scalding and picking. Manual venting, opening and evisceration are conveniently performed on the line.

The plant is designed to run up to 1200 birds per hour, with changeable shackle speeds and adjustability in bleeding and scalding length. This offers the processor a high degree of flexibility to adjust for different live bird conditions and market requirements.

Automation in stunning, scalding and picking ensures line throughput and consistent processing performances.
Evisceration and inside-outside bird washing are more manageable and efficient on a shackling line.
The Compact Plant 396 is designed with an adjustable scalding and bleeding section to offer the processor flexibility in processing parameters. Scalding temperature control allows for processing hard, medium or soft-scalded birds.
The plant is designed to fit into a 40 foot high cube container for easy transportation.

BAADER LINCO Poultry Newsletter, January 2018

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