BAADER low pressure meat recovery systems offer a unique and proven method for separating soft and solid components for a wide range of applications. This includes desinewing from pre-cut red meat and poultry.

a Variety of raw product can be refined using this method. During the desinewing process, a squeezing belt feeds the product to a perforated drum and presses the soft components through the holes of the drum. Solid components such as sinews, gristle and skin remain outside the drum. Ratios between yield and quality can be influenced by means of adjusting the pressure roller. When sinews and gristle are removed, the desinewed meat is richer in protein. It also contains less connective tissue than ground only meat.

BAADER soft separators are available in five size ranges, each with various options suitable for different applications and capacities. Throughput values vary, depending on the hole size in the perforated drum, type of feeding, product and its pre-treatment (e.g. degree of pre-grinding), feeding temperature and selected pressure. Values for each application must be determined individually between customers of the machine and suppliers.


In 1969 BAADER developed a press-separation process for the separation of soft and hard components. It is used for desinewing and meat recovery of pre-cut red meat and poultry.
BAADER meat is a fixed term of quality today, but can only be gained by using original machines. The company has mandated an independent institution to consider the technology from a food regulatory point of view.
Press-separation methods separate meat from connective tissue and sinews. Meat obtained is not separated and therefore does not have to be declared as separator meat.


LIMA is a specialist in the manufacture of meat-bone separators, deboning and desinewing machines for the poultry, pork, fish, lamb, rabbit and beef industries. High pressure meat recovery systems provide high yield and fine textured meat suitable for emulsion type products.

LIMA’s main advantages are:
– High product quality
– Hygienic design
– Easy operation maintenance
– Quick cleaning
– No pre-breaker needed
– Very low temperature increase

Due to the design of the LIMA equipment range, raw product is handled very gently with minimum pressure. Low rotation speeds of the auger ensure a very small temperature increase. This enables the production of high quality meat – ideally textured for further processing.

The profile of the hopper and the head body allows 100 per cent access for quick and easy cleaning and disinfection. All models can be supplied with a special dismantling table to ease cleaning operations. The head adjusts to allow for optimum yield to cope with variations in the raw product. Separated meat is transferred and protected in a pipe without the need for an extra pump.
LIMA offers complete equipment such as automatic feeding and weighing systems and also supply two-step D+S operations.

April 2018, SA Food Review 

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