Development of the BAADER LINCO Thigh Filleting System 632 is entering its final phase of testing with real processing conditions, performance evaluations and final adjustments.

The system is able to process 14,000 legs per hour while keeping the legs in a standard ProFlex Premium cut-up shackle.

It is designed to secure the knee joints in the same position during the entire process, ensuring optimum performance and yield.
Precise positioning of the knee joint through the filleting process ensures that the knee cartilage stays attached to the thighbone and is not left in the meat.
Consistently high quality fillet reduces the need for manual cartilage trimming.

The Thigh Filleting System is designed to be implemented into a new or existing ProFlex Premium cut-up line.
Upstream expansion with the Weigh Transfer 520 and ClassifEYE vision system can be integrated to capture individual bird requirements. As the equipment keeps each bird, and its legs, in the same shackle through the whole process, these measurements ensure a best suited use of each bird.

BAADER LINCO Poultry Newsletter, January 2018

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