The Weigh Transfer model 520 is a highly accurate system for weighing and transferring birds at high speed. The system incorporates state-of-the-art technology that provides the
ultimate in weighing accuracy. This patented principle makes it possible to weigh whole birds with an accuracy better than ± 0.25 % – in other words, with a tolerance better than
± 3 g for 1200 g birds – at a speed of up to 12,000 birds per hour.

Static weighing
The Weigh Transfer model 520 operates with a “static weighing” principle. The birds are automatically transferred to the weighing wheel. Here they are spread out to a 254/304 mm pitch, regardless of the pitch of the incoming line. The 10 or 12 inch pitch provides sufficient space to avoid any interference between the birds in the weighing process. The weighing “window” of the machine is up to 112 inches wide (2845 mm) depending on the model. When passing this window each bird is weighed while in a static position in relation to the weighing cell. This ensures the unique weighing accuracy.

Anywhere in the processing line
The birds are weighed and distributed in standard two-leg shackles. This means that the Weigh Transfer model 520 can be incorporated anywhere in the process, e.g. from slaughtering to evisceration, or from evisceration to chilling, through to cut-up and distribution. The system is capable of re-hanging the birds from any pitch to any pitch – and from any leg spread to any leg spread – with a transfer efficiency of up to 99%, at speeds up to 12,000 birds per hour!

Key benefits:

  • Individual bird weight for distribution purposes and flock quality control
  • Better than 99% efficiency in re-hanging birds at high line speeds
  • Accurate weighing at high speed