Poultry Abattoir Equipment

BAADER LINCO offer wall-to-wall poultry processing solutions, from live bird handling to final product dispatch. Solutions are based on a total value chain concept to ensure optimal benefit and value of each bird throughout the complete process.

For BAADER LINCO, a state-of-the-art poultry processing factory focuses on offering safe food and flexible production to meet the sales challenges placed on global poultry suppliers today:
• Animal and workers’ welfare
• Biosecurity
• Food safety
• Production flexibility
• Intelligent processing

BAADER LINCO designs their processing solutions with hygiene barriers that ensure best biosecurity practices, and place great effort into limiting cross-contamination during processing.

Animal welfare is an integrated part of live bird handling – for ethical reasons as well as meat quality. In poultry processing, animal welfare and profit go hand in hand.

Leading edge processing factories need to be flexible to meet sales and market demands today and in the future. BAADER LINCO therefore implement a high degree of adjustability in their equipment and solutions to allow for maximum flexibility. Flexibility to process varying flock sizes and flexibility to process multiple product types.

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