BAADER LINCO Poultry Abattoir Equipment;
PLUMATECH Plucking Fingers;
SCHRÖDER Injectors and Massagers;
HAARSLEV By-products and Rendering Equipment;
REDOX Waste Water Treatment Technology;
STEEN Deboning, Skinning and Value-Added Processing Equipment;
THIELEMANN Poultry Slicing and Meat Flattening Equipment;
MARELEC Intelligent Portioning Systems;
MARLEN Cooking, Searing, Smoking, Flame Grilling, Form, Coat and Fry Systems, Vacuum Stuffers, Shredders, Dicers and Slicers.
RISCO Leading manufacturer of machines and systems for meat processing.

Through representation of our principals, and their world class equipment, we can offer customers advanced technology and the choice of manual, semi-automatic and fully automated plant operation based on individual requirements.

BAADER LINCO Live Bird Handling is the most cost effective live bird handling and transport system for high speed processing lines. Designed to be loaded manually or by automatic catching systems, the module design with its large crate format ensures the highest loading per truck while ensuring optimal animal welfare. Reduced handling movements make this design highly suitable for high speed applications with excellent reliability. The highest hygiene standards are achieved through a stainless-steel construction. For lower speed applications and small plants, the LINCOload and traditional coop systems are alternative possible solutions.

BAADER LINCO’s hygienic crate and module washing systems are the key to good housekeeping and food safety. BAADER LINCO’s Live Bird Handling Systems are supplied with integral washing systems for live bird crates, drawers and transport modules. We also offer crate washers for process crates and lug boxes of most sizes and designs.

BAADER LINCO offers killing and defeathering solutions for all process types. New requirements in animal welfare are met with the modern Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) Systems which are integrated with the Live Bird Handling System and can be coupled to automatic killing machines followed by bleeding, multi-zone Air Scalding and Picking. Traditional electric stunners with a control system to meet current animal welfare standards can be offered. BAADER LINCO’s renowned small disc gear pickers achieve the highest performance results due to full, individual adjustability of each picking bank. The Rotapick provides a special picking solution for some processes.

PLUMATECH provides quality rubber picking fingers in various strengths, distinguished by their colours. PLUMATECH fingers offer maximum flexibility and excellent plucking performance without damaging the skin.

BAADER LINCO Evisceration Systems focus on removing the viscera without damage to organs or the carcass. From high speed, fully automatic systems to simple low speed manual systems, product quality and hygiene remains the focus. New developments include the ability to adjust automatic machines in production and fully automated giblet harvesting. The BAADER LINCO evisceration lines may be coupled to the killing and chilling lines with automatic transfer or automatic weigh-transfer machines for traceability.

BAADER LINCO Air and Water Chilling Systems ensure efficient chilling, enhancing product quality and shelf life. The unique Quick Air Chill System employs positive directed air flows to achieve an extended shelf life. It achieves minimal weight loss and +2°C deep muscle temperatures without freezing neck skins or wing tips. The system can incorporate maturation.

The LINCO flex weighing and grading equipment range includes overhead line weighing, belt weighing and weigh transfer applications. These systems can be coupled to quality grading, allowing birds and products to be selected for a combination of weight and quality for distribution to specific process areas. BAADER LINCO’s compact Easy Grader is a low cost stand-alone belt weigher which offers accurate weighing and batching solutions.

BAADER LINCO Automated overhead Cut-up systems include the ProFlex Premium and the ProFlex Classic. The ProFlex can be configured as an open line or compact system including versions for specialist food service products. Options include automatic transfer from other lines, weighing in-line, bypass of pre-programmed cutting units, halving breasts and thighs, whole leg weighing, thigh popping for food service and synchronized conveying systems.

SCHRÖDER injectors and massagers are used in many poultry marinating applications. This technology may be used to add brine mixes, flavours and colour to all poultry products. The new generation IMAX Injectors, Brimax Mixing Systems and Max Massagers are equipped with intelligent technology which provides live process monitoring and traceability. New process technology allows the addition of poultry trimmings to whole muscle cuts improving sensory quality and yield.

BAADER chicken front half deboning offers a high yield, fully automated solution to produce single or butterfly fillets, with or without skin, with or without tenders and with or without back meat. The new generation machines are adjusted while in production for maximum process up-time.

STEEN thigh and drum deboners are a very efficient solution to give labour and yield savings for this process. Bone detection can be incorporated into the deboning solution.

Low Pressure:
BAADER low pressure meat recovery systems provide high quality mince-like structured, separated meat from deboned carcasses, downgrade portions, necks etc.

STEEN offers skinning machines for most applications. The STEEN mid-wing tulip processor has specially been developed to create unique and trendy “tulip” wing snacks. The STEEN Spare-rib cutter will optimize the revenue of the thigh production by transforming the thighs into value added snacks.

THIELEMANN FOOD TECHNOLOGY is an innovative machine manufacturer for poultry breast slicing and meat flattening machines. THIELEMANN offers tailored solutions for poultry fillet processing and portioning.

MARLEN has developed unique thermal processes for various product markets including frying, cooking (spiral ovens), grilling (flame grill & Tunnel of Fire) and product enhancement technologies such as bar-marking and infrared smoking & browning. UNITHERM Spiral Cookers can be used to bake, roast, steam or combination cook.
The Econoline has been developed to make the automated process of pre-dusting, batter coating, crumbing and frying, accessible to small and large volume producers. The Formatic Range guarantees accurate forming and portioning and is suited to a variety of mixtures of numerous textures and consistencies.

MARELEC FOOD TECHNOLOGIES designs and manufactures high technology portioning systems for the poultry industry, to optimize the efficiency of the manufacturing process.
The MARELEC PORTIO combines state of the art technology for creating a high precision yet economic portion cutting machine.

MARLEN designs and builds processing equipment for the poultry industry. Sold under the brand names of Marlen, Carruthers, Afoheat and Unitherm, their products have long set the standard for quality and performance in vacuum stuffers, shredders, dicers and slicers.

RISCO Risco equipment is manufactured with the highest product quality and materials and meet all modern requirements of production.
All machines are intended for the portioning, grinding, mixing and depositing of meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables, pet food and prepared foods.

HAARSLEV is the leader in protein recovery systems and by-products rendering. From simple batch cookers to continuous wet and dry rendering systems, a wide range of process equipment can be employed to suit almost all raw material conditions and final product standards. Energy saving process technologies are an important feature of the product range, as are specialist processes for pet food, high protein meal, fat recovery and blood processing. Odour control systems are an integral part of modern by-products rendering processing.

REDOX is the leading supplier of a full range of effluent waste water treatment solutions including chemical, biological and anaerobic systems. The systems are engineered to suit the effluent water quality and the desired end water quality.