REDOX Waste Water Treatment Technology;
MARLEN Cooking, Searing, Flame Grilling, Form, Coat and Fry Systems, Dicers and Slicers;
STERIFLOW Autoclaves for industrial sterilization, pasteurization and sous-vide cooking in the food industries.
RISCO Leading manufacturer of machines and systems for meat processing.

Through representation of our principals, and their world class equipment, we can offer customers advanced technology and the choice of manual, semi-automatic and fully automated plant operation based on individual requirements.

REDOX is the leading supplier of a full range of effluent waste water treatment solutions including chemical, biological and anaerobic systems. The systems are engineered to suit the effluent water quality and the desired end water quality.

MARLEN has received a patent for its innovative system and process for peeling and pasteurizing root vegetables in a Flame Grill. This process significantly improves productivity, yield, and safety compared to traditional top and tail cutting systems.Whether you’re preparing peppers, mushrooms for foodservice applications, or jalapenos and tomatoes for salsa, a UNITHERM Flame Grill will bring an authentic fire-roasted taste and appearance to all your products. UNITHERM Flame Grills come with an optional Bar Marker that provides authentic grill marks of your choice (top, bottom, diamond, or hash marks) while also enhancing colour, flavor, and yield.
With a UNITHERM Spiral Oven, you can oven roast everything from potato wedges and beets to garlic and veggie burgers. AquaFlow Water Cookers offer a variety of options, while UNITHERM Spiral Ovens are perfect for baking whole potatoes or roasting potato wedges for ready meals and foodservice applications.

MARLEN one, two and three-dimensional dicers/slicers provide complete versatility for dicing, slicing, cubing and strip cutting a variety of vegetables.

STERIFLOW is the leading manufacturer of autoclaves for industrial sterilization, pasteurization and sous-vide cooking in the food industries.

STERIFLOW autoclaves achieve the thermal process of all packages and products such as: Ready meals (in trays or pouches), Meat products (pate and sausages in cans, pouches or casings), Fish (in cans or pouches), Pet Food (in trays or pouches), Vegetables (in cans, jars and pouches) and Milk (in glass, plastic bottles and cans).

RISCO Risco equipment is manufactured with the highest product quality and materials and meet all modern requirements of production.
All machines are intended for the portioning, grinding, mixing and depositing of meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables, pet food and prepared foods.