Automatic cut-up: Introducing the BAADER ProFlex QSR cut-up system

The global Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market is experiencing exponential growth driven by changing consumer habits and lifestyle. Poultry meat is expected to be a major part of this market growth in Southern Africa.

To capitalise on this fast-growing trend, and fulfil the demands of the QSR market, poultry processors need advanced automated cut-up systems that meet stringent cut and quality requirements.

Introducing the BAADER ProFlex QSR cut-up system, designed with numerous cut-up modules to meet the exact cutting requirements set by local QSR chains, while running up to 5000 birds per hour, this system is a simple, strong, and durable solution for cutting birds to meet the high demands from any fast-food chain.

DFS recently commissioned the installation of a tailored BAADER Proflex QSR 9-piece cut-up system at our customer’s processing facility in Africa, gearing the processor for improved portioning accuracy, maximised utilisation of product, and reduced labour costs.
This cut-up system is capable of providing specialised fast-food cuts and is equipped with:

🔪 Tail Cutter
🔪 Neck Skin Cutter
🔪 Wing Stretcher
🔪 Silver Dollar Wing Cutter
🔪 Keel Cutter
🔪 Breast Cutter
🔪 Thigh Popper and Cutter
🔪 Drumstick Unloader

The line also includes a synchronized food-service conveyor which collects all parts from one bird and transports them to the SCHRÖDER Maschinenbau GmbH 630CU KFC Injection machine for further processing.
The modular design of this system allows for seamless integration of additional cutting units down the line.

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