Air-Cooled Condensers: Condensing Vapours from By-Products

Our recent installation of a Haarslev Air-Cooled Condenser at a customer’s poultry processing facility marked one of 7 successful Air-Cooled Condenser installations at food processing plants across Southern Africa over the past decade.

The Air-Cooled Condenser is used to condense hot vapours from rendering and by-product processing, specifically cooking and drying poultry, red meat, and fish by-products. The condensate is then treated by wastewater treatment while non-condensable vapours, which cause undesirable odours, are discharged for further treatment by Haarslev scrubbers, biofilters or thermal oxidisers.

Haarslev Air Cooled Condensers are distinguished by their low maintenance requirements and are uniquely tailored for the demands of the Southern African processing environment, delivering:
⚡Low-energy operation
💧 ZERO water consumption

Haarslev specialises in rendering and by-product processing, offering tailored solutions to optimise every step of the process. With a focus on maximising yield, ensuring product quality, and minimising costs, Haarslev provides industry-leading technology and expertise. From simple solutions to complete turnkey rendering plants. Along with Haarslev, DFS is your trusted partner for efficient and sustainable rendering and by-product processing solutions.

Contact us for more information on how our Haarslev Air-Cooled Condensers can benefit your rendering and by-product processing operations.

Haarslev Air-Cooled Condenser Haarslev Air-Cooled Condenser