We recently commissioned another successful MPI Upgrade on a Steriflow Retort at a customer’s processing facility in Cape Town. The results: a revitalised 15-year-old Steriflow Retort with increased processing accuracy, improved traceability, and compatibility with the ever evolving technologies in our industry. This concludes a series of 8 MPI upgrades commissioned for one of Africa’s largest manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods. The robust machine is used for sterilisation, extending the shelf life, and safeguarding the quality and safety of baby food products.

STERIFLOW‘s Autoclave Systems enable electronic upgrades for improved functionality and, thanks to their modular design, allow for the integration of additional components over time, such as chain conveyers and flow meters.

The comprehensive electrical upgrade included:
⚙️ Advanced PLC with a sleek touchscreen HMI
⚙️ Fully automated MPI Expert Programme
⚙️ New water level probe, for control over water draining and filling
⚙️ Digital thermometer upgrade
⚙️ Streamlined electrical box with reduced wiring and switch gear
⚙️ Integration of all new sensors for precise monitoring
⚙️ Upgraded valve bank for improved functionality
⚙️ Pressure switches replaced with transmitters for precise differential pressure calculation.

Upgrading well manufactured food processing equipment is a smart and cost-effective solution for processors to boost performance and increase product output – a wise and strategic investment for forward-thinking food processing facilities.

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