MAREL MEAT Pork and Red Meat Abattoir Equipment;
SCHRÖDER Injectors and Massagers;
HAARSLEV By-products and Rendering Equipment;
REDOX Waste Water Treatment Technology;
MARELEC Intelligent Portioning Systems;
THIELEMANN Meat Flattening Machines;
MARLEN Cooking, Searing, Smoking, Flame Grilling, Form, Coat and Fry Systems, Vacuum Stuffers, Shredders, Dicers and Slicers;
STERIFLOW Autoclaves for industrial sterilization, pasteurization and sous-vide cooking in the food industries.
RISCO Leading manufacturer of machines and systems for meat processing.

Through representation of our principals, and their world class equipment, we can offer customers advanced technology and the choice of manual, semi-automatic and fully automated plant operation based on individual requirements.

MAREL MEAT is the global supplier of automated slaughter lines for pigs, cattle and sheep, CO2 stunning systems, cutting and deboning lines and intra logistic systems for the food industry.
Red meat slaughter lines:
Pig slaughter lines with capacities from 10 to 1 400 pigs per hour and cattle slaughter lines with capacities from 10 to 150 cattle per hour.

CO2 stunning:
Integrated BUTINA systems for livestock handling, CO2 stunning, blood collection and blood processing in slaughter houses.

Cutting and deboning systems:
Turn-key solutions for primal cutting, classification and sorting, deboning and trimming, packing, palletizing, internal transportation and storage.

Intra-logistic systems:
Integrated system solutions for conveyance, material handling, order picking, labelling and automatic storage and retrieval.

BAADER LINCO’s hygienic crate washing systems are the key to good housekeeping and food safety. They offer crate washers for process crates and lug boxes of most sizes and designs.

BAADER LINCO’s range of belt weighing systems offer various solutions to weigh, grade and batch meat cuts or formed products. The compact Easy Grader is a low cost stand-alone belt weigher which offers accurate weighing and batching solutions.

SCHRÖDER injectors and massagers are used in many meat marinating applications including ham and bacon production. This technology may be used to add brine mixes, flavours and colour to all meat products. The new generation IMAX Injectors, Brimax Mixing Systems and Max Massagers are equipped with intelligent technology which provides live process monitoring and traceability. New process technology allows the addition of meat trimmings to whole muscle cuts improving sensory quality and yield.

Low Pressure:
BAADER low pressure meat recovery systems are ideally suited to recover high quality mince from cuts containing sinews and cartilage.

THIELEMANN FOOD TECHNOLOGY is an innovative machine manufacturer for meat flattening machines.

MARLEN has developed unique thermal processes for various product markets including frying, cooking (spiral ovens), grilling (flame grill & Tunnel of Fire) and product enhancement technologies such as bar-marking and infrared smoking & browning. UNITHERM Spiral Cookers can be used to bake, roast, steam or combination cook. The Econoline has been developed to make the automated process of pre-dusting, batter coating, crumbing and frying, accessible to small and large volume producers. The Formatic Range guarantees accurate forming and portioning and is suited to a variety of mixtures of numerous textures and consistencies.

MARELEC FOOD TECHNOLOGIES designs and manufactures high technology portioning systems for the red meat industry, to optimize the efficiency of the manufacturing process.
The MARELEC PORTIO combines state of the art technology for creating a high precision yet economic portion cutting machine.

MARLEN designs and builds processing equipment for the meat industry. Sold under the brand names of Marlen, Carruthers, Afoheat and Unitherm, their products have long set the standard for quality and performance in vacuum stuffers, shredders, dicers and slicers.

STERIFLOW is the leading manufacturer of autoclaves for industrial sterilization, pasteurization and sous-vide cooking in the food industries.

STERIFLOW autoclaves achieve the thermal process of all packages and products such as: Ready meals (in trays or pouches), Meat products (pate and sausages in cans, pouches or casings), Fish (in cans or pouches), Pet Food (in trays or pouches), Vegetables (in cans, jars and pouches) and Milk (in glass, plastic bottles and cans).

RISCO Risco equipment is manufactured with the highest product quality and materials and meet all modern requirements of production.
All machines are intended for the portioning, grinding, mixing and depositing of meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables, pet food and prepared foods.

The HAARSLEV range of frozen block breaking and grinding equipment meets the needs of many secondary added value meat processes where frozen meat or trimming blocks are the major raw material. The heavy duty and hard-wearing construction of their equipment meets the demands of this process.

HAARSLEV is the leader in protein recovery systems and by-products rendering. From simple batch cookers to continuous wet and dry rendering systems, a wide range of process equipment can be employed to suit almost all raw material conditions and final product standards. Energy saving process technologies are an important feature of the product range, as are specialist processes for pet food, high protein meal, fat recovery and blood processing. Odour control systems are an integral part of modern by-products processing.

REDOX is the leading supplier of a full range of effluent waste water treatment solutions including chemical, biological and anaerobic systems. The systems are engineered to suit the effluent water quality and the desired end water quality.